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About Us 

S2 Staffing Office

About Us

60+ years of shaping careers and lives

Choice is a funny thing these days. We all think we want more of it, but the reality is most of the choices out there are more distraction than actual option. The larger staffing companies pride themselves on how many markets they serve, how many services they offer, and how many candidates they will place in front of you. For us, it’s not about that. Because we listen, we know what you’re trying to do. We’ve built a relationship with you and your team. Because we’re a nimble operation, we can create an individualized strategy that works for your needs. We know it’s going to work, because we negotiated the terms together.

We can do everything the large firms offer, but we can do it more effectively. By understanding your business, we know how you operate, so we can present the options best suited to your needs. Not every choice. Just the best.

Large firms try to give you up to 15 candidates to review for every job. That means they’re doing their job, right? Quite the opposite. They’re trying to hit a number, throwing resumes at you, and making you wade through interview after fruitless interview. We give you a better ratio. For every position S2 Staffing is asked to fill, you will interview an average of 2½ candidates, and we’re confident you’ll make an offer. Why? Because we understand your business.

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