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Engineering & IT Careers

s2 staffing office

Are you an Engineering/IT Professional Looking for a Position?

At S2 Staffing, we have a network of clients, and we know the jobs, the managers, and the expectations. Our expertise, combined with our understanding of our clients, lets us find the right role for you. Consider this: The more effectively we fill the job, the better off our client is. That means we will get the call next time.

We Have an Entrepreneurial Methodology

Many of our clients are startups in high-growth technology areas.

We know the staffing team, and fill open positions, but we also maintain ongoing relationships with our clients, and so we know how their business is growing and evolving, and we see the personnel needs that arise. This effort dovetails with our proactive recruiting philosophy. By continuously interviewing engineering and IT professionals and keeping updated profiles, we’re ready when the right job opens up.

What You Can Expect

As a national recruiting and placement firm, we have relationships with many firms that are hiring now.

Engineering & IT Professionals Get Paid

We know compensation. Our client companies are entrepreneurial businesses—they are often startups with great growth potential. Getting an engineering position or IT staff job at these businesses can often lead to career growth as the business expands, with the financial rewards that come with it.

Equal Opportunity Employers

We are committed to diversity and equal opportunity. We strongly believe in the importance of diversity, and understand the advantages of bringing together individuals with different backgrounds, cultures, and ideas. Diversity builds a better understanding of our marketplace, and allows us to be more competitive. We demonstrate our commitment to diversity by offering equal employment opportunities within our staff, and with our placements.

Proactive Recruiting

Good Engineering and IT professionals are always in demand. In today’s world, the amount of work a company gets done depends on how they manage their information. If the networks and systems that control the flow of data do not run efficiently and smoothly, the same hurdles will trip up the team every time. Solving problems and designing systems offer great job satisfaction, and growing companies have an exciting, fast-paced environment.

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