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Marketing Careers

S2 Staffing

Are You a Marketing Professional Looking for a Position?

At S2 Staffing, we have a network of clients, and we know the jobs, the managers, and the expectations. Our expertise, combined with our understanding of our clients, lets us find the right role for you. Consider this: The more effectively we fill the job, the better off our client is, which means they are more likely to come back to us with future openings. Our clients also appreciate that we do not flood them with resumes. We are extremely diligent during our vetting process and we understand all of the major areas of SaaS based Marketing.

Experienced recruiters who understand what it takes to evaluate & discover amazing opportunities. 

Because we have an entrepreneurial methodology, many of our clients are startups in high-growth technology areas. We know the hiring managers, and fill open positions, but we also maintain ongoing relationships with our clients, and so we know how their business is growing and evolving, and we see the personnel needs that arise. This effort dovetails with our proactive recruiting philosophy. By continuously interviewing all levels of marketing professionals and keeping updated profiles, we’re ready when the right job opens.


At S2 Staffing we understand how to find and deliver exceptional marketing talent at all levels. We know how to help you build a team and find people with the right qualifications and attitude to help you achieve your long and short term marketing goals. We understand your business and its growth goals and challenges—you see, we have an entrepreneurial attitude as well, and it lets us be nimble, flexible, and inventive to solve your staffing challenges.

We like to work closely in an ongoing relationship with our clients. The strategic alliance we form with our clients allows us to develop and enhance the productivity of their marketing teams. We know how marketing teams work together, and when a new person is needed, we’ll work with you to figure out the most effective hiring process.  Whether you are looking for a Demand Generation professional, Product Specialties or a CMO, S2 has an amazing network and when giving the opportunity we will deliver talent that you will not find on job boards or any other sources. 


What You Can Expect

As a national recruiting and placement firm, we have relationships with many firms that are hiring now.

Market Professionals Get Paid

We know compensation. Marketing professionals are an integral part of their companies, delivering infinite results, and they deserve to be paid. Our client companies understand the nature of marketing and many of them are growing companies. That growth leads to bigger opportunities for marketing professionals.

Equal Opportunity Employers

We are committed to diversity and equal opportunity. We strongly believe in the importance of diversity and understand the advantages of bringing together individuals with different backgrounds, cultures, and ideas. Diversity builds a better understanding of our marketplace and allows us to be more competitive. We demonstrate our commitment to diversity by offering equal employment opportunities within our staff, and with our placements.

Proactive Recruiting

We can’t tell you about opportunities if we don’t know you. Get in touch and set up a time to interview. We are proactive recruiters, so the perfect job for you may not be available—right now. The best part: We will tell you that, and not send you on job interviews just to fill slots. Our clients work with us specifically because we do not waste their time. When we find good candidates, we broaden our client base to find opportunities. It’s win-win-win: Good for you, good for the clients, good for us.

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