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Sometimes More Isn't Better



S2 Staffing

Quality makes a difference when you’re hiring:

You don’t need a bunch of candidates, you need the right ones. S2 Staffing makes sure the candidates we send your way have the skills you need but also will fit into your team and your company’s culture. And we’ve got it dialed. So instead of a blizzard of resumes and 15 interviews, we send you 2.4 candidates (on average) for each position. Invest less time, and get the right people for the job.

We Make it Our Business to Get to Know YOU

Every business is different, and the good ones are constantly adapting to their situation. The only way to succeed in the world is to adjust, and we want to learn about your business and your values, so we can change our approach as you do.

We Listen

We will get together (nowadays via video or call) to understand everything that we need to know about your company, the culture and the type of positions that you are looking to fill, along with understanding your hiring process.

We Collaborate

After spending time doing our research and digesting our earlier conversation, we will come back to you with ideas on how to work most effectively to deliver on the positions and projects discussed. This will include recommendations on hiring process, compensation plans, and comparisons, plus the appropriate staffing solutions that best fit your needs. Then we will come to an agreement!

We Source

We will first search our active candidate pool to see if there are people that can fit the position immediately. We may already have relationships with candidates and drive referrals. Then we search our ATS and other candidate databases. Last, we will devise a Direct Sourcing program where we will build relationships to recruit the top talent competitors and other companies close to your space.

We Recommend Candidates

We will submit the candidates resumes along with a detailed writeup up explaining why we think the candidate is a good fit for the company, culture, and position within the expected compensation range. If we miss the mark, we have thick skin and welcome constructive feedback. That transparency helps us recalibrate so we can deliver on the next submission.

We Interview

We vet out more candidates than we bring in so we can deliver the best talent for each specific position. We WILL find the best candidates for the hob and will not submit a candidate until we do!

We Hire

Once we found the appropriate candidate and they have accepted your offer, our job is not done. We will follow up weekly to ensure that the new hire or consultant has been onboarding to expectations and they are who we thought they are.

We Want to Build a Relationship with You

Many placement firms just want their candidate to stick around for three to six months, so they get their full fee. S2 Staffing doesn’t work that way. We get to know your situation, and how we can help best to fill it. That’s why we come up with inventive solutions to work with our clients. We know entrepreneurs like to benefit from creative thinking. Our relationship will allow you to leverage our knowledge of the market and the latest recruiting practices.




You don’t pay us until we deliver the right candidate – period! We stake our business on it every day.



We fill the role and manage the employee, finding the right person for your company.



It’s like taking a test drive, and we assume the risk.



We take on the internal recruitment role so your people can focus on their jobs.



Take our relationship to the next level with a retained recruiting arrangement to fill all your roles quickly, and keep them filled with quality personnel.



Recruiting as a Service. We have created a new solution. Find out if it’s right for you. Reach out and we will walk you through it.

Executive Search: Welcome to the C-Suite

Your top management team is a key component of your business. The people in these roles set the tone, bring new ideas, and take your business to the next level. Our national network means we know people who have had all sorts of roles and understand the personalities and the cultures of the companies we serve. We deliver your next executive-level hire with a creative pricing and guarantee program.

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