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You Are a Sales Professional Looking for a Position

We understand sales chiefly because our S2 Staffing team is made up of experienced sales professionals who know the industry. We have a network of clients, and we know the jobs, the managers, and the expectations. Our expertise, combined with our understanding of our clients, lets us find the right role for you. Consider this: The more effectively we fill the job, the better off our client is. That means we will get the call next time.

We fill open positions, but we also maintain ongoing relationships with our clients, tracking the productivity of their sales efforts and any personnel needs that may arise. This effort dovetails with our proactive recruiting philosophy. By continuously interviewing sales professionals and keeping updated profiles, we’re ready when the right job opens up.

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You Need to Hire Sales Professionals

At S2 Staffing we understand sales. We know the members of a sales team, like any kind of team, can excel individually but they can also motivate each other. The success of each can raise the bar of the whole. When the team is set up right, it fires on all cylinders, the members pick each other up, pull each other along. It’s a relationship.

We like to work closely in an ongoing relationship with our clients. When we have a strategic alliance, we can work with them to develop and enhance the productivity of their sales teams. We know how sales teams work together, and when a new person is needed, we’ll work with you to figure out the best way to fill the opening.

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We Have Compelling Sales Jobs

A Sales Professional Is Like a Prizefighter. Anyone can score a knockout with a lucky punch. The Contenders—those who get the title shot—are willing to put in the work, to grind it out, day in and day out. They know in their hearts that they deserve to be there. They improve their own odds and make their hard work pay off with S2 Staffing—be a contender.

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Get Your Name into the Mix

The sales jobs we list let you take big steps in your career. Because we have an extensive network of business contacts, we maintain relationships with companies in a wide variety of industries, from local businesses to huge multinational companies. We know the ins and outs of their strategies and the details of their sales teams.

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For Employers Looking to Hire Sales Professionals

There’s no cost to candidates. Our service has value to our clients, who trust our expertise to find the best sales professionals for their needs. We save our clients time and reduce their risk.

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Sales Professionals Get Paid

We know compensation. Sales professionals are the front lines of their companies, delivering sales, the lifeblood of every business, and they deserve to be paid. Our client companies understand the nature of sales and many of them are growing companies. That growth leads to opportunities for sales professionals.

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Equal Opportunity Employers

We are committed to diversity and equal opportunity. We strongly believe in the importance of diversity, and understand the advantages of bringing together individuals with different backgrounds, cultures, and ideas. Diversity builds a better understanding of our marketplace, and allows us to be more competitive. We demonstrate our commitment to diversity by offering equal employment opportunities within our staff, and with our placements.

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Proactive Recruiting

We can’t tell you about opportunities if we don’t know you. Get in touch and set up a time to interview. We are proactive recruiters, so the perfect job for you may not be available—right now. The best part: We will tell you that, and not send you on job interviews just to fill slots. Our clients work with us specifically because we do not waste their time. When we find good candidates, we broaden our client base to find opportunities. It’s win-win-win: Good for you, good for the clients, good for us.

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We may already have a listing for your next sales job. We have relationships with many hiring managers across the country. So we know about the jobs that are out there. Have a look at the jobs we have listed, and check back often.

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Career Advice

You may not think you want to read our advice. You may be wrong about that. We share some war stories, give you useful insight into where the market may be headed, and of course, share tips that may help you land a new job. Have a look and see for yourself.

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Hiring Managers: Start a Conversation

Get in touch with us. There are two kinds of sales managers out there. Those who have built a sales team with S2 Staffing, and, well, some other people we don’t know yet. If you’re in the second group, give us a call.

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Alan DiPietro

Chief Revenue Officer, Bigtincan

“I’ve worked with Corey for over 10 years, and it’s been a fantastic experience. He understands that every company has its own set of parameters, goals, and limitations when working with outside recruiters. I’ve always been able to tailor an agreement that works for both of us. What is most impressive about working with Corey is his ability to understand the characteristics of our ideal candidate and what is most important to me. He’s able to vet the cultural and personal traits of candidates, which is a really hard thing to do. The overwhelming percentage of candidates he presents meet our criteria: I like to say his candidates always fall in the first ring around the bullseye and that means we’re not wasting our time with candidates that aren’t a fit.”